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Freight Forwarding International Air Imports

With our global worldwide Associates offices and global network express service, we provide Air Import services to several destinations. We are able to offer on the economy services to reduce your freight cost with choice of reliable carriers and ensure your routine and shipping requirements to all major cities in the world on time collection and delivery. 
Our Company has a well established communication system to monitor the movement of shipments from the time of departure until delivery at final destination. We do not only focus on transportation but also on giving value added services to our customers, which include : - 

Pick up of shipment from shipper's door. 

To monitor the movement of shpt from the pick-up to delivery. 

Provide pre-alerts and flight details 24 hours before the arrival of shpt. 

Securing advanced set of documents to assist customers to file prior bill of entry. 

Provide post landing services to clients in case of any problem arising due to Airline/Customs. 

Proof of delivery to original station.


Key Features

  • Air Import and Export consolidation services

  • Pre-shipment Inspection for safety

  • Cargo pick up from origin

  • Expediting critical shipments

  • Clearance at origin & destination port

  • Confirmed space allocation with leading airline operators

  • Chartering services

  • Hi-tech tracking system

  • Safe handling of perishable cargo

  • Door-to-Door services

  • Competitive rates

  • Timely and cost effective solutions

  • Hazardous cargo handling capability



Freight Forwarding International Air Exports


Our staff is well versed in handling everything from live, high value cargo such as computer components and perishable cargo to odd dimensional shpt's as well as licensing and documentation requirements. As the trading activities are increasing all around the globe our export services ensure smooth airfreight of shipments any where in the world to meet the exporters demand in recent dynamic business environment which is continuously evolving. Our focus is to add value to services we offer to our shippers by providing: 

Right schedule. 

Right Airline/Routing. 

Space allocation. 

Competitive price 

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