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AGL LOGISTICS offers specialized solutions tailored to your operations, production, and market demands. At AGL Logistics, we understand the basic ability of each industry and association, and we adjust your ability system to your business methodology, to help you accomplish basic business destinations.

You can anticipate that AGL Logistics will deliver the talent you need for your manufacturing company – when, where and how you require it – to accomplish measurable and sustainable results. Our flexible engagement model allows you to integrate multiple specialized staffing services in multiple work classifications, managed through single-point-of-contact account management, bolstered by committed enrolling and service delivery teams, and backed up by executive-level accountability.

Our unique 24×7 services delivery model drives you, providing the assets and talent you need – when and where you need them. AGL Logistics is a high-value partner of choice for many of the world’s most regarded brands, as they leverage our deep domain experience, market knowledge, industry networks, and talent expertise.

We are a worldwide industry pioneer in giving talent, innovation and aggregate workforce solutions.

For more than a decade, AGL Logistics has been serving across a wide-range of industries including:

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